Mirjam de Hoon (1979)

“ You are already whole. You already know everything there is to know. You are love. You are safe. You are perfect. You are infinite. And therefore, all is possible. Surrender. ” ~ Mirjam

Mirjam is an internationally certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance ERYT 300+ -), Yin Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness coach and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer.
She attended many additional teacher training programs and has accordingly studied the anatomy of the body, breathing techniques, Intuitive Development, Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Chi Neng Qi Gong, Ayurveda and TCM.
She specializes in treating burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, relieving stress symptoms and trauma.

“I hope to prevent you from taking that long road of hardship that I took, although now I know it was needed to arrive where I am today. I hope to inspire you as honestly as I can and create a nourishing empowering setting. A setting in which you awaken and reconnect with your heart. It’s time we return to the ease and magic of simply being.”

Teaching Philosophy

Finding inner balance, freedom, love and joy
"I teach  as simple and practical as I can. No philosophies or new truths, dogmas. For me it's  about freeing myself and others from these beliefs, so we can experience complete freedom.Freedom to be who we are and feel noursihed, loved and at peace.  To arrive in a place where there's no wrong and no right.
Everybody needs something different. Only you know what you need. Sometimes it has become difficult to listen to your own body and your  own voice.
I hope I can help you with this."
Mirjam combines (physical) yoga with breathing techniques, knowledge, intuitive development, mindfulness, visualization and meditation.
She helps you to recognize patterns and you will gain insight on how to break out of them. She will lead you  from your mind towards your heart. To guide you to a place from which you can observe the world with a clear view and experience peace, freedom, love and joy.


Mirjam started her quest towards personal transformation at the age of 16. Ever since she has collected knowledge and experiences.
“My life has been like that of many, filled with ups and downs – perhaps more downs than ups. I basically lead a life of fear, of struggle and of hard work. I managed to do so on will power and certain convictions. When I was sixteen I started to experience extreme fears and panic attacks. I got exhausted and became depressed. It became part of my life for a long time. Multiple burnouts brought me down. I tried many classes and sessions, therapies, psychologists, doctors, alternative healers, coaching, retreats, medication, herbals, and gurus. All in vain.
It was only when I awakened my inner teacher I healed myself and found peace. I see this as my teaching, to awaken your inner teacher .”

In 2010 her life took a turn. She attended a Teacher Training Program in the Netherlands. During these classes she was allowed the opportunity to teach, and she has been teaching ever since. Yoga gave her a sense of purpose, peace of mind and strength she never experience before.
Before starting Hearts of Living in 2011, Mirjam worked in youth health care, as a lobbyst with Oxfam Netherlands, as project coordinator for an NGO for human rights in Ghana, West-Africa and she was HR-manager of an international company.
In 2012 Mirjam gave birth to a daughter, Maya. It brought back a lot of old pain and beliefs she thought were healed. It brought her to the Intuitive Development Training Program in Zutphen. There she learned to listen to her heart instead of her intellectual brain, which was highly dominant. Most importantly, she realised that the choice was hers. She was not a victim, a passive receiver of life, but she was able to create and shape it herself.

Now Mirjam lives and works half the year with her partner and daughter in Europe (Netherlands and Ibiza)  and the other half in Costa Rica. She teaches regular classes in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga at Montezuma Yoga, Costa Rica, organizes retreats in Ibiza and teaches monthly detox retreats at Banyan Centre, Netherlands, when in Europe.  
She teaches the workshops she developed internationally and gives private Trauma Sensitive Yoga sessions.